Standing Ap(art): Personal Brand Marketing for Directors & Creatives (Observer Only)

Thursday March 11

6:00 PM  –  8:00 PM

Mar 11, 2021 | 6pm - 8pm 


In the digital age, the idea that your artistic work should just “speak for itself” ignores the realities of our interconnected world, where artists must present themselves in multiple arenas and mediums to rise above the noise. As social media and the internet become essential tools to network, connect, and collaborate, how you present yourself and your artistry requires sophistication and dazzle. Standing Ap(art): Personal Brand Marketing for Directors & Creatives will show you how to authentically and dynamically present who you are to the community, the industry, and the world. Associate Artistic Director Nilan and freelance director Emily Lyon will reveal strategies and tips on websites, resumes, social media, and connectivity to support you and your art.


You have selected the observer option, which will allow you to audit the first session of this class live via YouTube. If you would like to engage with the host and other participants in the class and take part in a personal materials consultation, go back and select the participant option.